Blog Changes, GDPR and Monthly Writing Prompts

Happy May! Spring is springing up everywhere, and change is in the air. Or on the blog, as it were.

Effective this Friday, Snake Bites will be changing formats. Instead of weekly discussion posts, there will be a weekly excerpt from one of our titles or coming titles posted every Friday, along with occasional special event posts for things like new releases, sales and the monthly writing prompts/submissions call. I think this will suit the general blog readership better, and those who are interested in a more newsy, month-in-one-place format can subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

If you are a blog subscriber, you need do nothing at the moment, though our subscriptions will be changing later in the month to include new options (you’ll be able to choose which types of posts you want to receive, or all of them), and to become compliant with the new GDPR laws in the EU. The newsletter subscription will also be updated, and subscribers will need to renew your subscription at that point.

Thank you for your patience while we update these things, and I hope you enjoy the new blog format!

The Monthly Writing Prompts will be posted tomorrow in their own post.

Happy reading/writing!

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