Excerpt: Lettuce Prey by Alex Westhaven

Lettuce Pray CoverAbby tossed her apron in a garbage bag under the sink as someone knocked on the door. She checked her watch.

“Right on time,” she murmured as she went to let them in. Swinging the door wide, she smiled.

“Welcome, you two! I’m glad you came. Have a seat right over there. I’ll get drinks.” She scurried into the kitchen and checked to make sure everything was in order. Filling the stemware with a light champagne, she carried the flutes to the table.

“Thanks for having us, Abby. Damn decent of you,” Dominic said, the woman at his side nodding.

“You’re both welcome. It’s the neighborly thing to do, don’t you think?” She waited for both of them to nod, and then picked up her glass.

“I propose a toast,” she said, holding the champagne high. Dominic and the bitch did the same. “To unhappy endings that bring much happiness.”

Her guests looked at each other briefly, then shrugged. “To unhappy endings,” Dominic repeated, taking a sip, the girl mimicking him.

Abby took a sip as well, and then set her glass on the table.

“I have a lovely pork roast for you tonight, along with some cider cooked cabbage and a fabulous salad. Apple pie for dessert! Now…” she glanced back to the kitchen and decided that instead of making the decision for them as she’d planned, she’d let them do it. It was the least she could do.


“What should we start with? The main course or the salad?”

“A salad sounds nic


e,” the other woman said. “What kind of dressing do you have?”

Abby grinned and shook her head. “Sorry. It’s a secret recipe from the restaurant. But it’s very popular. To die for, you might say.”

See what happens next!

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