Ode to Books by Carol R. Ward

Poetry Prompt of the Week: Write an ode to books.

Prose Writing Prompt of the Week: A character stumbles upon an ancient civilization that has no written language. What would it be like? How would you describe their lives? How would they? Could they?

Looks like none of us got moving on the prose prompt this week (I do have a story started, but it’s going to run a lot longer than prompt-length), but Carol wrote a most excellent ode to books. Enjoy! 

Ode to Books
by Carol R. Ward

Hard back, paperback, big or small
it makes no difference I love them all.
Used books, new books, electronic too
and especially the books I get to preview.
Board books, comic books, rare or not,
self-published, free books, ones I’ve bought.
Slick cover, leather cover, no cover at all
hand bound, perfect bound, sewn real small.
Science fiction, romance, mystery as well,
fantasy, horror, or a western tall tale.
My house is full, almost ready to burst
but I just need a couple more books first.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to submit your poems/stories for the week in the comments if you’d like. And check back Monday for new writing prompts!

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