Shamrocks, Luck, & Things That Are Green

Irish Cream CoverAre you Irish? Or more importantly, are you Irish once a year, on St. Patrick’s Day (which is this coming Saturday, if you haven’t been paying attention to the calendar)?

I was thinking about this holiday, and how though I am partially Irish (and a lot of other things – read: garden variety “mutt”), I don’t really “claim” that particular heritage more than any other. And I don’t really feel like I can claim it on St. Patrick’s Day, just because I’m so…diluted. But I do enjoy watching everyone celebrate, and sporting green nails and a shamrock or two. I’ll pass on the haggis, but I do love a good corned beef that isn’t green (though it’s liable to make my allergies act up…stupid allergies).

In any case, shamrocks are green, lucky clovers (which are not Jasmine Betrayal Covershamrocks or part of St. Patrick’s Day, obviously) are also green, and green seems to be not just the color of the Irish, but a lucky color overall. Personally, I love the color green, and it does seem to bring with it a certain…lucky vibe. Why is that, I wonder? Is it just that it’s a very calm, peaceful, neutral color? Is it that it’s a main color in nature for things that grow and give life?

Are the Irish actually the luckiest people on earth?

Deep thoughts for a Monday.

In any case, I also got to thinking about “green” book covers in our offerings, and came up with a little something for pretty much everyone. And *that* got me thinking that maybe those three books with predominantly green covers/themes should be on sale for Saturday. Which would make green a lucky Sprouted Covercolor for all of our readers!

So, if you check your favorite online retailer on Saturday, March 17th, you’ll find these three books for just 99 cents:

Jasmine Betrayal by Jamie DeBree
Irish Cream by Trinity Marlow
Sprouted by Alex Westhaven

Enjoy the holiday, and grab yourself a “green read” while you’re at it!

Monthly Writing Prompts:

  • Prose Prompt: Write a story about a field of sunflowers, and at least two people who meet there one day/night. 
  • Poetry Prompt: Write a poem about the beautiful flower on a plant considered a weed.

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