Release Day! The Time Stone by Marie Yoch

It’s here! The Time Stone is available now at all major online retailers (and some minor ones, too)!

The ebook is $1.99 for today only, and will be $3.99 regular price. If you order a print copy from Amazon, you’ll get a free copy of the ebook as well.

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“Did you at least get it to work before it rained?” Ariana asked, wrinkling her nose.

Sydney shrugged. “It’s not really a matter of getting it to work – it’s not like a clock or anything. It doesn’t move. But I did start learning how to read it. It was a little tricky getting the angle of the center part right. And I’m not sure I had it pointed the right way either.”

Cassidy nodded. “Wanna build another one? We could help for the next couple of days…” her voice trailed off, and Sydney knew why.

“You guys leave for camp on Monday, right?”

Both of her friends nodded, looking uncomfortable. Sydney smiled.

“Great! I need your help. Not with the sundial. I need your help figuring out how to get me to the camp.”

Ariana and Cassidy looked at each other, and then back at her.

“You want us to sneak you in?” Ariana shook her head. “That seems like a very bad idea. What if you get caught? Or hurt? Or lost somewhere out in the woods?”

Cassidy rolled her eyes. “If she gets caught, what are they going to do? She’s twelve. It’s not like they’re gonna toss her in jail. Or us, for that matter. Actually,” she looked up for a moment, one finger tapping against her chin. “I think I might have an idea.”

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