Death by Veggies: The Collection

Death by Veggies: The Collection includes Lettuce Prey, Sprouted, Jack, and Beet It (all available individually), plus the all new 24 Carrots, which is available only in this collection at this time.

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24 Carrots

Kira Featherstone retired to the quiet town of Meadowlark, Montana two years ago, and now her only source of stress is a next door neighbor who fancies himself a world class gardener. Ted blames her – or more specifically, the wild rabbits she feeds in her yard every morning – for the missing produce from his garden. He demands compensation, but then takes matters into his own hands, literally, before Kira even has a chance to respond.

It will be the last thing he ever does.


Lettuce Prey

Revenge is a dish best served lukewarm in this short story from the author of the chilling thriller, Angel Eyes. But is getting even worth all the work and clean-up? Abby Mars is determined to find out…


How does your garden grow? Amelia has a secret for growing the prettiest flowers and the biggest veggies, but she’s getting older. Will her secret be lost before she finds someone who can handle the intricate nature of her legacy?


Year after year Brad enters the neighborhood pumpkin carving contest. And year after year, he watches other people win. This year, things will be different. This year, he’s going to have the most realistic Jack ‘o Lanterns on the block. If that involves sacrificing a few neighbors.

Beet It

The beets Tara Pyle grows gives her body extraordinary healing powers. But when she tries to share the bounty with her boyfriend, Colin, the results are devastating. Under the scrutiny of both the police department and the hospital staff alike, Tara turns to the one person who can help her unravel the mystery of her precious beets. But will she be able to handle the unsavory truth?