Working Stiffs (Erotica)

Grab a glass of wine and get ready to melt! This two-pack of erotic novelettes will take you right over the edge of passion with a pair of women who insist on playing hard to get, and the men who refuse to let them go without a hot romp or three. Caution when reading in public – may cause rosy cheeks, damp panties and an irresistible desire to pick up that good-looking guy in the corner…

The Entertainer
Brynn Peterson never intended to be a virgin so long, it just sort of happened while she was busy focusing on education, her career, and not getting pregnant. And now that she’s closing in on thirty, she’d really like to do something about that embarrassing issue. When Sam Ellis dances into her life she decides to take advantage of the education he’s offering, only to find that she’s not as immune to his charms as she’d hoped. In an attempt to rid herself of the unwanted obsession she turns to another man…

The Pile Driver
Eric Dawson is hot, hunky, and way too much of a playboy for Dawn Anderson’s taste. Not that she wouldn’t shag him if she found herself…say, on a rug with him. Or anywhere else, for that matter. One night when a roommate in need brings them together, she finds herself at his mercy and decides to take what he’s offering, regretting her decision before the night is over. Can Eric entice her back into his arms – and into his life for good?

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