Snow White and the Seventeen Dwarfs

Snow WhiteSnow White had it all. She was a princess and one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom. But it all went to Hell in a handbasket the day a talking mirror declared her to be better-looking than her stepmother, the queen. The queen tried to have her killed, and Snow White ran off into the woods to live with a bunch of dwarfs.

Could this unlikely premise for a children’s classic get any more messed up? Yes it could!

In this satirical retelling, Snow White finds herself not among the harmless seven dwarfs of fairy tale lore, but a motley rabble of seventeen dwarfs. Though they are protective of the princess, seventeen dwarfs under one roof is a recipe for chaos and questionable decisions.

Dark humor abounds as the story unfolds with adult themes in place of kid-friendly clap-trap.

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