Lemon Cream

Lemon Cream CoverEvery night, Susan listens to the voice of Master Alec on the radio telling her (and hundreds of other women) just exactly what he wants to do to her body. And every day she hosts her own cable cooking show, sharing her favorite recipes as the quintessential good-girl in the kitchen while dreaming of submitting to a man she’s never met.

Due to her job and public appearances, she can’t even consider a committed Dom/sub relationship like the one she fantasizes about with Master Alec. But a fling with the sexy neighbor might be just what she needs to take the edge off… or it could be the very thing that will destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build.

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Now remember ladies. The rules are simple. No clothing allowed, and you aren’t allowed to come until the Master signs off for the night. I know some of you are close out there, so let’s take a step back and cool off for a few minutes, shall we? Here’s a little something to relax with while I finish this tasty treat…”

Susan sighed, opening her eyes and reluctantly let her hands drift free in the water. Pulling the plug, she stood and toweled herself off as Leonard Cohan crooned in the background. Hanging the towel up neatly, she took her wine into the bedroom and stretched out on the bed while she waited for Master Alec to come back.

It had been six months since a friend had introduced her to the local underground radio station the Master ran every night. He played the Dominant, and his listeners his submissives. Every evening at eleven thirty, his voice came over the airwaves and he instructed his eager minions in all manner of self-pleasure until he signed off two hours later. Donations on his web site kept the station on the air, or so he said, and Susan had contributed her share. Apparently her going rate for a nightly orgasm was somewhere around ten bucks a week, though she knew she’d pay more. Not to mention her contributions to dessert night, of course, though he couldn’t know that she was a professional baker.

The song was winding down, and she turned to her side in anticipation. What would his instructions be tonight? And more importantly, would she win the nightly call-in number?

She could hardly wait.