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  • Weekly News & Blog Round-Up: October 24, 2022

    Due to an injury Friday night, we were unable to get the new sales posted for this week, or the cover for Death by Veggies finished. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone the publication of the collection a few days, but the new release date will now be October 31st – Halloween! Also, this month’s…

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  • Magical Misfire

    Friday Excerpt: Magical Misfire by Carol R. Ward

    The last item in the bag was a small, ornately carved wooden box. “This is beautiful,” she said, admiring it as she turned it around in her hands. “I wonder where it came from.” “It looks hand carved,” Ellen said. “I wonder if – Jessica, are you all right?” The blood drained from Jessica’s face…

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  • Lucky Dog Cover

    Writer’s Round-Up: Week of July 31, 2022

    Monday, August 1 Ready or Not by Carol R. Ward Wednesday, August 3 Rondel by Carol R. Ward Friday, August 5 The Pond by Carol R. Ward (new serial!)       Sales/Deals this week: Mackenzie Saves the World is on sale in ebook for 99 cents only at Barnes & Noble and Kobo until August 14th!

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  • “Fireworks”, “Boom, Fizzle, Pop”, & “The Decision”

    Poetry Prompt of the Week: Write a poem about fireworks or firecrackers. Prose Writing Prompt of the Week:  ‘Tis the season for fireworks! A couple is sitting outside on a blanket, watching fireworks go off. They’re making a major decision – what is it? Boom, Fizzle, Pop  by Jamie DeBree Hiss, crackle, fizzle & pop, all so…

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  • News, Names & Weekly Writing Prompts

    BSB News The cover above provided the inspiration for last week’s free flash anthology, At the Water’s Edge. Did you find the free copy? If not, you’ll find purchase links on the book page. All great stories by excellent writers, if I do say so myself. Don’t forget to look for this week’s free PDF…

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  • News, Things That Are Green, & Weekly Writing Prompt

    BSB News Last week’s free download was The Biker’s Wench – a somewhat campy romantic suspense novel with some pretty serious undertones in the overall plot. This week’s free download is up and running now – find it in the Available Books section, and it’s yours for the taking! Until next Friday night, anyway. Don’t…

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  • Site Updates and New Storefront

      First, if you’re a fan of discounted ebooks (and who isn’t?), You should go check out Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords! It’s running all week through March 9th, and our books are part of the sale too. You can find our books listed on our profile. You may have noticed some major changes…

  • Weekly News & Blog Round-Up: December 12, 2022

    Two weeks to Christmas – are you ready? If you’d like to gift ebooks, the 2022 Smashwords End of Year Sale starts this Thursday, December 15th, and most BSB titles will be discounted there for the remainder of the year. You can shop our selection from our BSB Smashwords profile here. In order to plan…

  • New Release: Magical Mayhem by Carol R. Ward

    It’s here! Magical Mayhem, the final book in The Moonstone Trilogy by Carol R. Ward is now available in eBook and paperback formats! Here’s the blurb, and keep reading for an excerpt below: Jessica was just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life until the day she opened a mysterious box sent to her by…