Friday Excerpt: Cold Feet

Cold Feet CoverThe cold wasn’t Zeph’s first concern. It wasn’t even his main concern. His first thought on waking was one of confusion and pain. It was not cohesive. It was not rational. It was jumbled and tired and very, very angry, but Zeph had trouble getting the ideas to connect and words wouldn’t come. He wasn’t entirely sure he knew any or had any, and even this was less of a worry than the shuddering, juddering skull-splitting ache that was resting just beneath his skin, digging down into his brain and trying to escape up into the chilled air at the same time.
Miles to Go by Lisamarie Lamb

The fingers stroking up and down her back were a sensual delight. And considering she’d just had an hour of sensual delights that was really saying something.

Naked, lying face down on the bed, she arched into the stroke of his fingers and felt the stirrings of passion once again. She turned her head to look at her companion. He lay on his side, facing her, his head supported on his arm as he teased her with his gentle caress.
Running Cold by Deborah Lean

This pre-wedding holiday was supposed to make us closer.

And here we are, just the two of us, surrounded by nature in all its glory.

“We’re almost out of bug spray Ella!” Geoffrey calls from inside the tent. I don’t really mind that he didn’t know how to set up the tent. I do, and anyway they almost pop up themselves now.

“I’ve started a fire. The smoke will keep the bugs away, Free. Hurry or you’ll miss a spectacular sunset,” I call back, while wishing that we were snuggled together by the fire in silent admiration of the perfect night. Our voices seem harsh in the stillness of the forest and diminish the magic of the moment.
Elemental Differences by Ann Partridge

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