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  • Friday Excerpt: Cold Feet

    The cold wasn’t Zeph’s first concern. It wasn’t even his main concern. His first thought on waking was one of confusion and pain. It was not cohesive. It was not rational. It was jumbled and tired and very, very angry, but Zeph had trouble getting the ideas to connect and words wouldn’t come. He wasn’t…

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  • At the Water's Edge Cover

    Writer’s Round-Up: Week of July 26, 2022

    Tuesday, June 28 Fiction Bit: Meeting Maggie by Jamie DeBree Thursday, June 30 Quick Fiction: Shower Buddies by Trinity Marlow Friday, July 1 When She Cries – On Sale this week at Smashwords! by Alex Westhaven  

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  • Excerpt: Lettuce Prey by Alex Westhaven

    Abby tossed her apron in a garbage bag under the sink as someone knocked on the door. She checked her watch. “Right on time,” she murmured as she went to let them in. Swinging the door wide, she smiled. “Welcome, you two! I’m glad you came. Have a seat right over there. I’ll get drinks.”…

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  • Friday Excerpt: Sprouted

    “We were out walking, and Andrea here saw your roses. She has a question for you.” He turned to the little girl and nodded. “Go ahead.” “I was just wondering if I could have one of your pretty flowers for my room. The pink ones remind me of my mom.” The little girl raised her…

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  • Excerpt: Lettuce Prey by Alex Westhaven

    Lettuce Prey by Alex Westhaven He was feeding the bitch cake. Off his own fork. Bastard. Abby Mars peered through the small portal window in the swinging door that separated the kitchen from the dining room. Her ears burned with anger as she watched her boyfriend with another woman. Not just any woman, but a…

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  • Site Updates and New Storefront

      First, if you’re a fan of discounted ebooks (and who isn’t?), You should go check out Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords! It’s running all week through March 9th, and our books are part of the sale too. You can find our books listed on our profile. You may have noticed some major changes…

  • Weekly News & Blog Round-Up: December 12, 2022

    Two weeks to Christmas – are you ready? If you’d like to gift ebooks, the 2022 Smashwords End of Year Sale starts this Thursday, December 15th, and most BSB titles will be discounted there for the remainder of the year. You can shop our selection from our BSB Smashwords profile here. In order to plan…

  • New Release: Magical Mayhem by Carol R. Ward

    It’s here! Magical Mayhem, the final book in The Moonstone Trilogy by Carol R. Ward is now available in eBook and paperback formats! Here’s the blurb, and keep reading for an excerpt below: Jessica was just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life until the day she opened a mysterious box sent to her by…